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The Seven Pillars of Wellness

Music producer Princeton Brown walks you through his seven pillars of wellness and discusses the importance of finding a balance with each.

Give Yourself A Hug

Isn’t great when a friend gives you that hug you didn’t even know you needed? Do that for yourself. Take a moment and a few breaths to let yourself know that you are taking care of yourself.

NBA Player’s Mom Speaks Out About Family Loss

Kate Okongwu, mother of NBA Atlanta Hawks player Onyeka Okongwu, is sharing her family’s past experience of loss to connect with those experiencing grief now. When Onyeka was 13 years old, his older brother Nnamdi died suddenly.

Black Gay Thirty: Kyle

Kyle discusses his journey to thirty and the trials, the tribulations and the trauma which led him to find self care as a drag queen.

Black Gay Thirty: Chris

In Episode One, Xavier sits down with Chris to discusses his anxieties, his self-care (or lack thereof) and what his hopes are as he leaves the purgatory of age 29 and heads into his 30s.

A Mother & Daughter’s Testimony of Building Bridges

Growing up in the streets of San Diego, Samira grew up in a culture of stress, violence, and gang warfare. It was normalized, she states, to be part of a gang and it cycled through generations of people who would be born into that way of living. “There were only two outcomes if you stay in that lifestyle – death or prison.” According to a recent report by the CDC, gun violence is the leading cause of death amongst youth, and per a recent report in JAMA Pediatrics, 62% of these youth deaths occur in impoverished counties.

How Do I Start a Conversation about Mental Health?

Speaking up can be hard. Matt and Faiza talk to guests about what mental health is and how to open up about our emotions and experiences. Check out Well Being’s Mental Health Language Guide for more resources.

The Importance of Feeling Seen

Alonzo discusses the hardships he faced as a child who didn’t quite “fit in,” and how he felt seen for the first time at a talent show.

Finding Healing For Mental Illness

“For me, it’s about starting a social movement around mental health. That’s really why I wrote the book. It’s why I started MindSite News, and why I’m so excited about a new documentary, executive produced by Ken Burns, Hiding in Plain Sight: Youth Mental Illness, a film by Erik Ewers and Christopher Loren Ewers, premiering on PBS on June 27 & 28 at 9 pm ET.”

May 10, 2022 PRESS RELEASE

NowThis will highlight youth mental health issues utilizing content from the upcoming PBS documentary, HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT: YOUTH MENTAL ILLNESS, which premieres in June and is executive produced by Ken Burns, directed by Erik Ewers and Christopher Loren Ewers and produced by WETA Washington, D.C. 

Allow Yourself to Feel Emotions

Alonzo explains the importance of introspection, and allowing oneself to embrace and feel emotions in order to be fully present and less-inhibited.

“Black Boy Destiny” – Alonzo

Alonzo’s uplifting single, “Black Boy Destiny,” was written to inspire all young black men to rise against the odds and fight for their dreams.

Stretching Self-Care

Rooted & Rising’s Vaughn Dabney soulfully practices self-care from his mobile home (van).

Be Better. Eat Better 

We should all be trying to take steps to eat healthier. Your body will feel better, your mind will be clearer, and you’ll probably have a fun time experimenting with some new recipes.

Finding Healing For Mental Illness

Dr. Insel offers a comprehensive plan for what he describes as “our failing system,” in a plan for families trying to discern the way forward.

Student Support Networks

Ashtyn Robertson discusses how to find a support network when students are struggling with their mental health.

Youth Homelessness

Homelessness has been on the rise during the pandemic and can be noted as much more visible in many urban areas. The unfortunate collateral damage of the pandemic has caused many to be in this circumstance, including many young people under the age of 24. Even before the pandemic 1 in 10 young people ages 18-24 experienced homelessness.


WETA Washington, D.C., the flagship public media station in the nation’s capital, announced today that KEN BURNS PRESENTS HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT: YOUTH MENTAL ILLNESS A FILM BY ERIK EWERS AND CHRISTOPHER LOREN EWERS, a documentary about the mental health crisis among youth in America, will premiere on PBS stations nationwide on June 27 and 28, 2022 at 9:00 p.m. ET on PBS, and the PBS Video app.

Michael Pollock, CEO of the Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance

PBS Newshour Student Reporter Alexandra Malan talks to Michael Pollock, CEO of the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance about youth mental health as part of the Well Beings Tour. Michael Pollock, CEO of the Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance PBS Newshour Student Reporter Alexandra Malan talks to Michael Pollock, CEO of the Depression and Bipolar […]

Mom & Daughter Talk Mental Health

Part of the Hiding in Plain Sight blog series Written by Kee Dunning, author & psychotherapist providing crisis intervention February 24, 2022 / Forbes Talking to others about your mental health isn’t an easy feat, especially if that person is your parent. Zion Williams, a high school student and Season 1 host of PBS NewsHour Student Reporting […]

8 1/2 Songs About Forgiveness

A playlist of songs about mistakes and forgiveness — whether forgiving others, or practicing a little self-care and forgiving yourself.

Autism, Hope & Resilience

My kids tell people what their life is like and what they wished other people knew about what it is like to have a mental struggle. A lack of understanding is a common theme. For a client with autism, this is especially true. What is autism? Autism is a disorder characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech, and often non-verbal communication. Autism occurs on a spectrum thus it has a variety of presentations.

Living a Full & Productive Life with Schizophrenia

Brandon was 18 years old when he experienced his first episode of psychosis. “At first, I didn’t want to take medication. I didn’t want to engage in treatment. I didn’t want to admit that I had this serious mental illness, but my family’s unconditional love helped me to get to a place where I could accept it, and that acceptance has made a huge difference in my ability to move on and do things that I care about in my life.” is a mental health resource, not a crisis or suicide response website. If you are in crisis, or experiencing thoughts of suicide, please text the Crisis Text Line (text HELLO to 741741), or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Both services are free and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.