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The Centergy Cycle© Training and Support Services

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Uncover, clarify, and address underlying barriers to your students’ achievement and wellness

The Centergy Project (TCP) provides training and support to school districts on actionable processes to launch embedded wraparound services to address academic and non-academic barriers to student wellness and achievement.

TCP consulting enables school districts to create “right-sized” systems of support that are tailored to the needs and resources of your district and community.

The Centergy Project’s mission is to make equity actionable by assisting schools to ensure all students have equitable access to resources, services, and opportunity. TCP’s process The Centergy Cycle© identifies and prioritizes needs through a framework of trust: gathering student voice, strengthening relationships, and cultivating hope. TCP guides schools and districts in gathering voice, analyzing data, asset mapping their communities, and coordinating services to align resources, partners, and funding. The Centergy Cycle© is flexible, replicable, and scalable.

By connecting students and families with embedded partner organizations and integrated student supports, schools grow collective professional capacity, create a supportive learning environment, and improve family and student engagement.

Want to learn more about Student Voice, Wraparound, and Whole Child? Here are some great resources to get you started.

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