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Out of the Dark

How do you fight an enemy you can’t see? These are the stories of three young people who faced the greatest mental health challenge of their lives and found strength they never knew they had.

Out of the Dark | Trailer

Premiered in May 2021, Well Beings presents a youth-focused digital series, Out of The Dark. The series follows young people from diverse backgrounds who face the greatest challenge of their life and find strength they never knew they had.

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About The Series

Out of the Dark, a youth-focused series of digital-first films tells intimate, emotional, and sometimes surprising stories of people whose lives have been impacted by mental health issues. The series is diverse by ethnicity, age and gender, and is designed to spark dialogue, create awareness, and inspire a generation of young people to be vocal and open about their mental health journey.​​

Special Thanks To

Hannah Lucas and Charlie Lucas
AKeem Rollins
Raven Saunders

Production Credits

A film by Redglass Pictures
Directed by Sarah Klein & Tom Mason
Executive Producers: Kelly Deckert & Justin Rhodes, John Wilson



Awarded a Gold Anthem Awards for Health Community Engagement.                      


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