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Mayo Clinic RISE for Equity Podcast: Episode 4

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Keeping Track: Data and Disparities 

Featuring Felicity Enders, Ph.D.  Professor of Biostatistics, Mayo Clinic 

As a biostatistician, Dr. Felicity Enders spends much of her time analyzing medical research and crunching of the numbers we read about in newspapers and medical journals. In this interview, Dr. Enders reveals how this behind-the-scenes work is actually the frontline in addressing racism in healthcare. Join Lee Hawkins as he learns about the new data-collection approaches being used to track patient health over time and how they reveal the devastating “accelerated aging” effects of racism and chronic stress.

“If you have a physician who has the time, they’re trying to get a medical history, but that may not include the history of things that have happened outside of the person’s medical experiences that could impact their stress over their lifetime.”

–Felicity Enders, Ph.D

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