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Mayo Clinic RISE for Equity Podcast: Episode 3

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Beyond Men: Gender Diversity in Medical Research 

Featuring Sharonne Hayes, M.D. Cardiologist and Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine, Mayo Clinic and
Michele Halyard, M.D. Vice Dean Mayo Clinic School of Medicine, Mayo Clinic

As the health care industry works to address disparities in clinical trial participation, some Mayo Clinic doctors are trying new approaches. In this episode, Drs. Sharonne Hayes and Michele Halyard detail the deliberate exclusion of women from these studies, and the dramatic effects on health outcomes for women, from decades of misdiagnosis of heart attacks and heart disease to delayed detection of breast cancer. Encouraging more researchers to diversify their patient pool is not enough; the most successful efforts around gender equity in research and treatment have relied upon community partnerships with groups like Coalition of Blacks Against Breast Cancer.

“The number one reason that women do not participate in clinical trials is they were never asked.”

—Sharonne Hayes, M.D.

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