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Mayo Clinic RISE for Equity Podcast

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Reflect. Inspire. Strengthen. Empower.

Join leading physicians, scientists and innovators from Mayo Clinic and beyond in candid conversations about what it’s going to take to transform health care for a more just, more equitable future.

Can Talking About Equity Inspire a New Mindset About it?

In the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd in 2020, Mayo Clinic committed $100 million toward eradicating racism and eliminating disparities in healthcare. As we looked to unite our colleagues around this and our broader equity, inclusion and diversity efforts, we developed a framework that would allow our organization to identify existing gaps in EID practices internally while exploring innovative, evidence-based approaches that could be adopted across the field of healthcare.

We called it RISE—Reflect, Inspire, Strengthen and Empower—for the key themes guiding the work as we join hands to build a better community and society. Our annual RISE for Equity Conference provides a broad platform for the conversations we’ve been having with colleagues here and across the medical community, but we wanted to reach many (many) more individuals with the learnings from these in-person gatherings. Thus, the Mayo Clinic RISE for Equity podcast was born.

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