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Rooted & Rising is a collective of inspiring Black creative entrepreneurs dedicated to sharing simple, actionable self-care ideas to motivate young Black men to live happier, healthier, longer lives.

@jsmartinlive You ever explain to your therapist your internal battles? Therapy is a great place to work these issues out. #mentalhealth #anxiety #therapy #fyp ♬ original sound – Jesse Martin

Jesse Martin – My Relationship with Self Doubt

Everyone deals with some level of anxiety or self doubt, but sometimes these feelings can be tough to sort out alone. Writer and actor Jesse Martin shares a light-hearted look at his experiences with these challenges.

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About The Series

Rooted & Rising Collective LogoRooted & Rising is a collective of digital content producers gaining attention for their humorous, innovative, and thought-provoking content. They represent a diverse set of creative forms, interests and genres including comedy, acting, music, filmmaking, golf, and designing tiny houses.

They are creative entrepreneurs. Rising in their careers. Passionate about their crafts. Collectively rooted in their commitment to inspire young Black men to live happier, healthier, longer lives.

That all begins with self-care practices so that creators maintain the energy and wellbeing to thrive. That continues with supporting each other as creative colleagues and men. That then translates into entertaining content that models their experiences of brotherhood and self-care with their audiences.

Movember is committed to finding ways to better understand the issues which are creating inequitable health outcomes in communities of color. This program aims to educate and support the health and well-being of young Black men ages 15-24.  Learn more at Movember.com.

Special thanks to National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) for the generous support of the stipends granted to our 2021 Rooted & Rising participants.

Series Advisors

Rooted & Rising Collective Expert Advisor: Chris DensonChris Denson

Chris Denson is an award-winning innovation advocate, marketer, host, and humour-inspired content creator. As both a storyteller and practitioner, he is an expert at uncovering unique business insights, cultural touchpoints, technological applications, imaginative thinking, and the emotional intelligence required to bring groundbreaking ideas to life. From Fortune 50 brands to startups to government entities, he has applied his expertise to help individuals and organizations increase their innovation potential. He is the author of the 2018 Amazon #1 bestseller, “Crushing the Box: 10 Essential Rules for Breaking Essential Rules,” creator and host of the Innovation Crush podcast series, and currently serves as the first-ever US Director of Innovation at MullenLowe, an award-winning IPG creative agency.


Rooted & Rising Collective Expert Advisor: Dr. Derek GriffithDerek M. Griffith

Dr. Derek M. Griffith is a Founding Co-Director of the Racial Justice Institute at Georgetown University, Founder and Director of the Center for Men’s Health Equity, and Professor of Health Systems Administration and Oncology. Trained in psychology and public health, Dr. Griffith’s program of research focuses on developing strategies to achieve racial, ethnic and gender equity in health. He has particular expertise in considering the role of structural racism as a determinant of health. Dr. Griffith also specializes in multi-level interventions to improve Black and Latinx men’s health and well-being that use an intersectional approach and consider biological, psychological, and social factors.

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