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Watch the “Unconditional” Trailer

Three families share their inspirational 7-year journey of mental strength while relearning how to love.

A Prisca Project

Seven years in the making, a first of its kind film from award-winning filmmaker Richard Lui, on the topic that affects 100 million Americans – mental health. Watch three families bravely turn the corner, showing us the power of relearning how to love.

Thomas Family

Kate Hendricks Thomas, a mental health expert and Marine Corps veteran who has given three TED talks and written three books, now faces her biggest challenge — preparing herself, her husband Shane, and her 5-year old son for her terminal cancer diagnosis. In a tough irony, she is practicing what she preached so well.

Bushatz Family

As memories of Afghanistan linger, Luke Bushatz’s young son’s try to understand why their hero sometimes loses his temper. All the while, his wife Amy shares the struggles they both face to get past go.

Lui Family

Stephen Lui, who spent his career caring for senior citizens as a social worker and pastor, now battles his eighth year of Alzheimers. And like Kate, boldly had to practice what he preached. His wife and children, by his side, face their own struggles to do the right thing.

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