Teens, COVID and Coping

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended the lives of America’s young people, who now face uncertainty in almost every aspect of life and the constant stress of social isolation. To address some of the most pressing mental health issues youth are struggling with right now, Well Beings and PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs will host Teens, COVID and Coping, a panel conversation featuring psychologist Dr. Lisa Damour, the author of Under Pressure and Untangled and New York Times contributing columnist, alongside teens and educators. Moderated by PBS NewsHour Senior National Correspondent Amna Nawaz, the conversation will offer insight into how peers, parents and teachers can help young people struggling in this moment. 

Well Beings Survey Identifies Loneliness, Anxiety, Depression as Most Common Feelings Among Teens in 2020

The majority of American teens believe that the Covid-19 Pandemic has disadvantaged their generation, according to a new survey conducted for Well Beings and PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs. Over 70% of the teens surveyed believe the pandemic has disadvantaged their generation, and 50% say the pandemic has worsened their mental health.

The national survey found that the pandemic has subjected American teens to unprecedented hardship, worsening their mental health, physical health and body image, relationships with family members, social lives, education, and future potential. 

Teens reported widespread dissatisfaction with mental health, with 67% reporting depression during the last year, 22% saying they experienced serious depression. In fact, mental health is the top-ranked concern among those surveyed, followed by obtaining their desired education, physical health, and financial health.

Well Beings is a national campaign from public media, in collaboration with a coalition of partners, including PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs and their student journalists, created to address America’s health needs. The campaign debuts with the Youth Mental Health Project, emphasizing youth’s mental health and voices to raise awareness, address stigma, and encourage compassion.

The Well Beings Tour is making its way to 34 cities across the country, 2020 – 2022, in collaboration with public media stations, local community organizations, national sponsors, and partners. Through resources, panel discussions, youth storytelling, performances, Mental Health First Aid Training, and more, the Well Beings Tour will convene and connect communities in a joint effort to address stigma and raise awareness about mental health and wellbeing.

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